GFA '19 Winner – Duromina / Ethiopia

GFA '19 Winner – Duromina / Ethiopia

August 10, 2019

The Good Food Awards was created from the recognition that awards for superior taste and certifications for responsible practices tended to remain separate from each other. Truly good food must be socially and environmentally responsible while also celebrating craftsmanship and flavor. This is the food that brings people together and builds strong and healthy communities.

Duromina / Ethiopia is our 2019 winner, and third award winner for Spyhouse. The awards are given to nearly 200 products each year, out of over 2,000 total entries. The 2019 awards were presented to seventeen different food categories, each judged by a panel of industry experts. Entries within the coffee category must be traceable back to the producers on a cooperative or farm level, exceed Fair Trade minimum pricing, and be sourced from a sustainable and transparent farm or cooperative.

Winning coffees are distinguished by exemplary flavor—sweet, clean, well-balanced body, balanced acidity, and phenomenal aromatics.

If you would like to purchase our 2019 winner, Duromina / Ethiopia, please do while they are still available. It’s moving fast, but don’t worry, we are preparing our 2020 entries already.

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