Image of Gender Equity Project logo


The mission of Spyhouse’s Gender Equity Project is to increase gender equity and the empowerment of women, in coffee and in our local community, through intentional sourcing practices and sharing of proceeds.

We’ve developed year-round coffee offerings that source from women producers, paying these producers a gender-equity premium on top of the quality-based initial price for their coffees.

A portion of proceeds from Spyhouse’s Gender Equity coffees are donated to local women’s organizations annually.

Look for the Seal

All Spyhouse offerings that source coffees from women producers are distinguished with the Gender Equity Project seal on each package.

A portion of proceeds from all coffees with this seal are donated to local women’s organizations.

Local Impact

We partner with local women’s organizations on an annual basis to donate a portion of the proceeds generated by our Gender Equity coffees.

This year's partner is the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center, whose mission is to empower Native women and families to exercise their cultural values with integrity, and to achieve sustainable lifeways, while advocating for justice and equity.