Duromina / Ethiopia - Organic GFA Winner

Duromina / Ethiopia - Organic GFA Winner

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Duromina in our 2019 Good Food Awards Winner! 

Duromina starts with the classic washed Ethiopian notes of florals, honey, and citrus, that together reminds us of honeysuckle. Setting it out from its peers, the cup moves beyond this into more complex, yet still delicate flavors of sweet pineapple gummies and refreshing peach tea.

This coffee is a beautiful representation of why so many find these types of coffee to be their all-time favorite. It is the perfect coffee for the bright morning sunshine on these clear summer mornings. 

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Pineapple Gummy / Honeysuckle / Peach Tea
Producers:  Small Farmer Cooperative
Region: Jimma, Oromia
Varieties: Native Landraces
Process: Washed
Elevation:  1900 - 2100 meters

Coffee Bio

Duromina (in the Afaan Oromo language, translates “to improve their lives”) was founded as a 100-member cooperative in 2010, with the aid of non-governmental assistance by the international non-profit, TechnoServe. They not only helped with the basics, such as providing funding, managers, and agronomists; they further assisted in business advising, including debt management and tracking of payment to all members. These resources have allowed the Duromina Cooperative to invest back into their own improvements, including adding two washing stations that are among the most ecologically efficient in the region. Through these improvements, the group has been able to move into being an independent operation overseen by multiple farmer-member leadership boards. The cooperative has developed a reputation for producing some of the best African coffees each year, which further correlates to higher income for each member. 

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