Spyhouse Coffee Suke Quto Ethiopia Organic Reserve

Suke Quto - Pulped Natural

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This pulped natural is incredibly vibrant from start to finish. The blueberry aroma translates perfectly to the cup, with a pleasant sweetness and fruit-forward experience throughout. Wonderfully fruity on the nose, it has a well-balanced body and clean finish. Ethiopian coffees have a special place in the industry, and this lot from Suke Quto Farms is a perfect example of why. If you’re looking for a citrusy, sweet cup to help with the changing seasons, this is the one to warm up with.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Peach / Blueberry / Lemongrass
Farmer Name:

Tesfaye Bekele




Kurume & Welicho

Process: Pulped Natural
Elevation:  1800 - 2200 meters

Coffee Bio

Suke Quto Farm is stretched out over the highlands and valleys of the Odo Shakisso woreda. The volcanic soil found on the farm is very fertile. Tesfaye keeps the soil in shape by organic recycling through litterfall, root residue from coffee, and shade trees. Suke Quto coffees are all Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Tesfaye works together with 171 outgrowers that deliver cherries to the Suke Quto Washing and Drying Station. Besides partnering up with outgrowers, he owns another 221 hectares in the highlands of Guji. More than 200 seasonal workers are needed to pick and process the Suke coffees.