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Citrus / Cocoa / Graham Cracker

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While decaffeinated coffee is often treated like it is not "real" coffee, we know that decaffeinated coffee can be delicious, delicate, and nuanced. And upon deeper reflection, you may even say the decaf drinker may be the most "real" coffee drinker among us—after all, they are drinking it specifically for the flavor, not the kick.

We work hard to ensure that when you drink any of our coffees, decaffeinated included, you have the best possible experience. This starts by sourcing coffees that are delicious and high quality, which are then decaffeinated through natural processes rather than relying on chemical methods.

You will taste the difference. Sweetness, acidity, clarity, and complexity are fully intact in every cup of decaf we provide, all while being safe, truly decaffeinated, and roasted to perfection.