Sandra Trochez / Honduras
Sandra Trochez / Honduras

Sandra Trochez / Honduras

Hazelnut / Vanilla / Dark Chocolate

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Spyhouse is thrilled to offer our second coffee this season from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. This lot comes to us from the Don Amado farm run by Sandra Trochez. Sandra’s husband, Juan Amado Fernandez, was a third-generation coffee producer who inherited a five (5) hectare plot from his father in 2006. Sandra married Amado a year later, and the two began producing and maintaining the farm together.

Sandra and Amado planted new varietals on the land—including Catuai, Pacas, and Parainema—and soon found great success and reputability when they won the Honduras Cup of Excellence in 2010. Scoring a whopping 91.45 points, they had drawn attention from a much larger craft coffee market. In 2019, Amado tragically passed away, leaving the farm to Sandra and their three children. In the wake of such devastation, Sandra showed strong willingness, motivation, and ambition to maintain the land and its treasures. She has toiled to produce some of the best coffee Honduras offers, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next year!

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Hazelnut / Vanilla / Dark Chocolate
Sandra Yamileth Trochez
Region: Las Flores, Santa Barbara
Variety: Catuai
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

This year’s crop from Sandra is a very comforting experience in the cup. We have developed this coffee into a medium roast to bring out rich, dark chocolate notes with a hint of hazelnut and vanilla. It has the best elements of a darker roasted coffee without the harsh bitterness or aggressive roasty flavors. This roast may be a little darker than most of our single origin offerings, but it preserves the characteristics of the Santa Barbara region. It is the perfect comforting coffee to warm you up on a cool morning.