Otilio Leiva / Honduras

Otilio Leiva / Honduras

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Otilio Leiva is marked year after year by stonefruit flavors; this year it is expressed as white peach. As the cup cools, we find flavors of apple brandy and brownie batter coming to the forefront. This coffee is complex, yet approachable with a flavor profile that would pair well with a broad range of pastries. It is the perfect coffee to help warm up after a trip to the sledding hill.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Brownie Batter / White Peach / Apple Brandy
Producer:  Otilio Leiva
Region: Los Andes, Santa Barbara
Variety: Pacas
Process: Washed
Elevation:  1550 - 1575 meters

Coffee Bio

Otilio Leiva is one of our oldest producer relationships. Although he has been growing coffee for thirty-eight years, it was just six years ago that Otilio transitioned to specialty-focused practices on his farm. We were among the first to see his starter micro-lot and immediately fell in love with his coffee—marked for its creaminess, soft spice, and dried fruit flavors. Since then, we have been able to return to Honduras and spend time with Otilio and his family, many of whom work on the farm. We have found him to be a proud, hard-working man. We have loved his coffee from the first cup we tasted, however, working alongside him year after year, we are able to see how each small improvement he makes on his farm returns a greater cup the following year. This has allowed us to reward the work with higher premiums paid to him and his family of eleven children and over thirty grandchildren.

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