La Montaña / Peru - Organic

La Montaña / Peru - Organic

Nectarine / Meringue / Margarita
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La Montaña is full of bright and juicy flavors, primarily fresh nectarines, from start to finish. This juiciness is supported by a soft creaminess that reminds us of whipped meringue and coconut cream. This coffee’s brightness is also supported by subtle herbal and citrus notes that remind us of a well-made margarita. It is the perfect coffee to drink as a little toast to facing daily challenges.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Nectarine / Meringue / Margarita
Producer: Alfonzo Saldaña
Region: La Palma, Cajamarca
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed
Elevation:  1890 meters

Coffee Bio

La Montaña is a two-hectare farm owned by Alfonzo Saldaña in La Palma, Chirinos, one of the most highly-regarded areas of Peru’s massive Cajamarca region. Alfonzo is a bit of a star in the area, having won the Chirinos Cup for coffee quality two years in a row. Spyhouse has been purchasing from Cajamarca for five years and has traveled there on two buying trips. This offering from Alfonzo was selected by one of our roasters while traveling there last year. While there, he was able to visit Alfonzo’s farm and see his process first hand.

This area of Peru has amazingly vibrant coffees, many of them grown in extremely remote locations. It’s a four-hour journey from La Montaña to the nearest city. It is amazing to us to see these farmers produce such exceptional coffees year after year, so far from the support of their central support team.

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