Kayon Mountain / Ethiopia - Organic

Kayon Mountain / Ethiopia - Organic

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Elderflower / Shortbread / Apple Shrub


Ato Esmael & Family


Odo Shakiso, Oromia


Heirloom Typica




1900 – 2200 meters

Kayon Mountain is our 2017 Good Food Award Finalist!

Ato Esmael and close family friends came together in 2012 to establish the Kayon Mountain coffee farm with the aim of producing superior quality coffee and exporting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The shareholder members of the group had spent the previous thirty years submitting their coffee to the local auction system. With the establishment of their own farm they have been able to build their own washing station, dry mill, and exportation system, allowing them to take complete control over the quality and handling of their product. Additionally, they are able to directly export their coffee, bypassing the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange, increasing transparency. The farm is nearly 500 hectares, divided in equal parts with heirloom typica and a mix of cabbage and indigenous shade trees. They manage the farm with biodynamic principles and are certified organic. 

Kayon Mountain starts with floral aromatics with citric overtones, similar to elderflower liquor. The flavor then transitions into fresh green apple skin before finishing with flavors of chocolate dipped shortbread. This coffee carries many of the citric and floral notes, washed Ethiopians are known for, but gains an additional complexity from the terroir of its Southern growing region. It is the perfect coffee to share with friends and toast your accomplishments, large or small.

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