Finca Angelina / Costa Rica

Finca Angelina / Costa Rica

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Graham, Lemon Meringue, Pisco


Aguilera Brothers


Los Robles de Naranjo, West Valley


Villa Sarchi




1450–1500 meters

Finca Angelina is one of the Aguilera Brothers’ four farms in the Western Valley of Costa Rica. The 12 brothers and sisters run their entire farming and milling operation themselves with the exception of a few additional pickers during the harvest season. When our roaster Tony visited Costa Rica in February, the Aguileras put many coffees on his favorites list. Not only does this family produce exceptional coffee, they also field an amazing soccer team – winning Cafe Imports’ Costa Cup, a tournament featuring teams from each region.

Finca Angelina starts off with a sweet graham cracker base and the brightness of lemon meringue, finishing with a brandy-like complexity. This coffee showcases the interaction between the sweetness of honey processing and the brightness of Villa Sarchi, a varietal native to the area. This coffee is perfect for appreciating balanced contrasts.

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