Kilimbi / Rwanda

Kilimbi / Rwanda

White Tea / Red Apple / Milk Chocolate

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Located within the Western Province of Rwanda, Kilimbi is a washing station along the idyllic shores of Lake Kivu. It is the smaller and equally impressive “sister” washing station to Rugali. Since its establishment in 2016, Kilimbi has left a substantial mark on Rwandan specialty coffee production. The station has already won a national cup of excellence, and its coffees have been used in regional and international barista competitions. This is not surprising considering that Kilimbi began paying their smallholder producers a 30% premium above the local market this season.

In addition, Kilimbi manager Joseph Ntarindwa has extensive experience with experimental processing methods. His station was the first in Rwanda to be given the rights to export natural and honey coffees, helping pave the way for other producers. Also an agronomist, Joseph provides farmers with agricultural support, allowing them to secure, process, and produce some of Rwanda’s highest quality coffee year after year. His process and attention to quality extend to fully washed lots like this new offering brought to us with the help of Higa Coffee—friends and partners in several of our recent releases (Rugali / Rwanda and Masasu Hill / Burundi).

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: White Tea / Red Apple / Milk Chocolate
Farm Name: Various Smallholder Farmers
Region: Western Province
Variety: Fully Washed
Process: Red Bourbon

Coffee Bio

We found this washed red bourbon lot to be sweet and balanced with bright lemon aromatics and a light-bodied tea-like composure. The cup opens with fragrant lemon, grapefruit bitters, and flavors of vibrant blood orange and juicy red apple. The profile quickly balances out with layers of lush milk chocolate, toasted graham cracker, and cashew butter that finishes with notes of soft white tea. We hope you enjoy this labor of love and eagerly anticipate future offerings from our friends at Higa.