Spyhouse Coffee Bold and the Beautiful Organic

Bold and the Beautiful

Organic Dark(er) Roast Coffee

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Bold and the Beautiful was designed to highlight the complex interplay of darkened sugar tones within a rich balance.

Coffee Bio

We crafted this offering on a foundation of darkened sugar tones balanced with notes of roasted nuts and chocolate. This coffee is a dark(er) option to our lineup for those looking for a more traditional coffee experience. It is an excellent option to drink throughout the day — carrying you from your first morning cup, through that afternoon pick-me-up, and closing out the day alongside your dessert. 

This offering is sourced through our network of cooperatives. We have been working with many of these cooperatives year after year. By working with these groups in new ways we are able to continue to deepen our relationships and have more impact in their communities. 

Bold and the Beautiful is a coffee that showcases the versatility of a carefully balanced cup. Being a more classic expression of coffee, it is a great selection for your home or favorite restaurant.