Update to our Community: Temporary Closure

Update to our Community: Temporary Closure

This post comes with a heavy heart and sadness during this difficult time we are all experiencing. We have decided to temporarily close all of our cafes for a period of two weeks or until we feel it is safe for our unbelievably strong and beloved staff, and for all of our customers community-wide.

We will be doing all we can for our staff throughout these unprecedented times, and will continue as always ensuring our health insurance plans are available to all of them and covering 100% of their cost as long as we are able.

This is a time where all of us are scrambling, reacting and trying to do the responsible thing. We feel it is imperative for us, in such a public-facing business, to act responsibly with our fellow humans in mind. I am honestly distraught and worried like most of you, but I do feel that we will all come out of this more united and more willing to help each other.

Having been doing this since I started Spyhouse 20 years ago right out of the U of M, I’ve experienced and learned a lot about how to become just a better human. I am so proud of our staff and proud of our community that supports all small businesses like ours, whether a cafe, a restaurant, a boutique, a salon, etc.

Thank you all for your loyal support and we’ll see you on the other side.

Best to all and be safe,
CEO / Founder