Tiburcio Bravo / Peru

Tiburcio Alarcon Bravo’s farm, Icho Jata, is the first coffee we have purchased out of Cusco, but offers a promise of a great future. The farm is named for the Quechua phrase describing the beautiful view of the thatched roof homes below the nearby snow-capped peak called “Choqqesapra.” He has been learning to grow coffee from his father since he was young and has grown to patiently care for each plant. The farm is nestled in the high jungle, surrounded by native pine, pacay, plantains, sugar cane, and wild flowers. The area cooperative has assisted him in training and support, helping him develop integrated farm management practices, using natural shade and drip irrigation. In keeping with the Incan tradition of “mink’a,” the work and farm labor are shared in a communal manner.
Tiburcio Bravo carries a beautiful caramel, butterscotch sweetness throughout the cup, with lighter notes that remind us of honeyed pear, apricot, and coffee blossom. The finish has a lingering tea-like quality that is anchored by spiced orange zest. This coffee has an interesting balance of a strong body with lighter flavor tones. It is the perfect coffee for a weekend brunch with buttery pastries.

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