Thunderstruck / Seasonal Blend: Colombia + Guatemala

Thunderstruck, our Summer Seasonal Blend, was designed to highlight the flavors of childhood summer. We crafted this offering to have an approachable foundation, with just a pop of fruit and spice over the top for complexity. The San Isidro / Guatemala provides a base of rich chocolate and dark cherry. Our Los Naranjos/ Colombia adds a citric and stone fruit brightness that reminds us of orange popsicles and grilled peach. Together these flavors create a s’mores sweetness with a cherry cola spiced finish.

This blend was crafted to be a drink-throughout-the-day type of coffee. It has a richness that will hold up to heavier breakfast items. Additionally, the balanced sweetness allows it to go well with pastries and dessert. We see this as a “crowd pleaser” in the best sense of the term.

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