Spyhouse Coffee Virtual Tip Jar

Spyhouse Coffee Virtual Tip Jar

March 20, 2020

On March 16, 2020, Spyhouse Coffee temporarily closed its cafes in an abundance of caution to the ever-increasing spread of COVID-19. Protecting our staff and customers was of utmost importance, but came at the cost of leaving many of our employees temporarily without work. Spyhouse is committed to covering 100% of health insurance costs for those on our policy for the allowable future while closed, but there is more we hope to do to ensure the baristas that are most affected will be able to cover the cost of living (food, bills, and rent) during this time of uncertainty.

Bex DeBoer, a barista at our NE cafe, has started a fund for baristas, alongside other individuals and businesses within our great coffee community. This is a Virtual Tip Jar, a way to help give—if you are financially able—the cost of what you might spend on a cup of coffee or a daily tip to your barista. This money will be divided up to every one of our baristas based on the average amount of weekly hours each has worked in the last 3 months.

If you are able, please help here.

Thank you, Bex, for the great initiative in helping your fellow baristas. We hope we can help amplify this message by asking for help from our community and wonderful customers. This is an opportunity to greatly (and directly) impact the lives of such amazing humans. Together we will get through this, stronger. Thank you all—we are beyond grateful for all the support and love.

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