Spyhouse Coffee and Holiday Dessert Pairings

Spyhouse Coffee and Holiday Dessert Pairings

Looking to try something new at your next holiday party or those mornings gathered with family and oh-so-many sweet holiday treats? Thanks to KARE11 for having our Director of Coffee, Tony Querio, on set to share some tasty coffee and dessert pairings.

How to Pair Coffee with Holiday Desserts

Have you ever baked a cake with coffee grounds? Do you know how to select and serve coffee with classic holiday treats?

The coffees of Brazil, Peru, Kenya, and other countries are filled with flavorful notes that bring out the best in gingerbread, fruit cake, sugar cookies, and cake. And, baking a cake with coffee can make it distinctive and delicious, especially when paired with the perfect cup.

Rukira/Kenya with Ginger and Baking Spices

Rukira has flavors of fig, juniper berries, and sundae cone. The fruit tones and vanilla cream notes of this coffee pair well with ginger and other baking spices, including gingerbread.

Mujeres Unidas with Panettone Desserts and Fruitcake

The flavors of orange marmalade, red grape, and fudge brownie in Mujeres Unidas offer a chocolate foundation, offset by a touch of sweet orange and red fruit. This coffee is perfect to pair alongside panettone desserts or a nice fruitcake, and Apple Frangipane Tart from Black Walnut Bakery would be an excellent choice.

Coffee of Your Choice with Sugar Cookies 

Sugar cookies are fairly neutral in flavor, primarily vanilla, so most coffees pair well with them. Of the Spyhouse offerings, Tony suggests our signature blend, Orion, but sugar cookies will pair well with whatever coffee you have in your cupboard.

Baking with Coffee

There are two strategies for baking with coffee. The first is to go with a darker selection to maximize the classic coffee flavor. The other is to use a brighter flavored coffee to add complexity. Either strategy will work well in chocolate-based items, either as part of the liquid or finely ground in. Black Walnut Bakery offers Carmella Cake baked with our Spyhouse Orion, with both liquid and grounds. 

Special coffee and sweet treat pairings will bring a new experience to your holiday table. And remember, anyone can bring a bottle of wine to a holiday party but bringing the perfect coffee to pair with dessert will be unique, fun, and memorable!