Retired Minnesota United Soccer Player Loves Lattes!

Retired Minnesota United Soccer Player Loves Lattes!

Professional Soccer Player, Geison Moura, grew up in one of the coffee capitals of the world, but it wasn’t until he left Brazil that he grew to love lattes and appreciate the quality of good coffee. 

Moura was recruited as a mid-fielder for the Minnesota United in 2010. He was hot on the soccer field, but It was a cold brew at Costco that kicked him into a coffee win. “It tasted good, so my wife and I bought a few bags and it took off from there.” 

Geison Moura mid-fielder Minnesota UnitedMinnesota United image courtesy Geison Moura

As a child, Geison knew Brazil was a big coffee player. The parents of his best friend owned a coffee farm, and coffee was a staple in his home. His mom drank coffee all day long and his siblings drank it every day, but Geison never grew to like it. “Coffee is part of the culture of Brazil,” he said. “Friends and neighbors knock on your door in the afternoon to have a cup with you, and I’ve found a familiar culture at Spyhouse that reminds me of home.”

Although Geison didn’t drink coffee before coming to the US, his young nephew is enjoying it at a young age. Coffee conversations between Geison and William are common now, and apparently, Scooby Doo has joined in as well. “William loves Scooby, so I took a photo of myself drinking coffee with him, and he loved it!”

Three years ago, Geison tried his first cup of Spyhouse coffee after retiring from soccer and becoming an entrepreneur. One of his business mentors whose consult helped him start Stimulus Athletic, a custom team uniform company, invited him to meet at the Northeast café. “At the time, I was still brewing Costco. I ordered a black iced coffee at Spyhouse that day. Now, the former professional soccer player can be found at the Northeast café at least twice a week, working on his computer, enjoying a latte. He says, “I bring everyone who visits me in Minnesota to Spyhouse. It’s Stop #1 before Parlour Bar on Washington Avenue.”

What does Geison Moura like about Spyhouse? 

“The great thing about Spyhouse is the vibe. It’s like you’re in downtown, but it’s calm and vintage. There is a raw feeling that makes me not feel rushed.”

And, the coffee? 

“It feels ‘craft,’ not industrialized. When I’m on the road and have to buy chain coffee, I can taste the difference. I’ve traveled the world, and nothing compares to Spyhouse. This is home.”