Otilio Leiva / Honduras

Otilio Leiva, one of our annual staff favorites, returns to us once again. He has been producing coffee for thirty-six years, but transitioned to specialty-driven practices just four years ago. Our relationship began on our first Honduran trip where we purchased his entire lot—just three exportable bags. In just a few short years, he is producing nearly ten times this volume each year. He shares a washing station and a pair of solar driers with his wife, who operates her own farms on neighboring plots. Together they have five sons, six daughters, and thirty grandchildren. The entire farm staff is comprised of these family members who live on site. On our last trip to Honduras, two years ago, we were able to hike through Otilio’s land while he shared his vision for the future of his farms. Along with Benjamin Paz, who manages single-producer relationships for the San Vicente mill, we developed a plan of improvements for the farm which immediately improved the cup. This harvest is the first where we are able to see a full year of our input and are incredibly impressed with the quality Otilio and his family are producing. 

Otilio Leiva returns with the annual characteristics of delicate citrus and stone fruit notes, supported by a creamy subtle spiciness that caused us to first fall in love with it. This year we are seeing notes of bright clementine and apricot, leading into milk chocolate and horchata. This coffee is one we look forward to each year and we’re excited to be offering it to you once again. It is the perfect coffee for thinking back to your best times with your best friends.

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