Now Available: Robson Vilela / Brazil

Robson Vilela was a dentist with the goal of eventually owning a coffee farm. In 2001, his dream was realized when he finally saved enough to purchase the 84-hectare Fazenda Alta Vista. However, excessive rain prevented him from being able to plant seedlings for another three years. His patience paid off when in 2007, his very first harvest placed 7th in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence. He maintained his reputation as a skilled and quality driven producer, seeing his coffee placed in the finals again in 2011 and 2012. Now slightly expanded to 90 hectares, 75 percent of which is Yellow Bourbon and Yellow Caturra, his farms are significantly smaller than most in Minas Gerais. Since his first harvest in 2007, Robson has seen zero turn-over in staff through his commitment to paying higher wages than the rest of the area and by considering the impact on his staff in each of his day-to-day decisions. 

Robson Vilela establishes itself with a foundation of rich chocolate notes ranging from creamy hot chocolate to cocoa nibs. The cup carries forward with sweet nut tones, reminding us of hazelnut and macadamia, with complex red fruit flavors similar to port wine. This coffee is a refined expression of the pulped natural Bourbons for which Brazil is most well known. It is the perfect coffee to share with just about anyone, driven by central flavors everyone can love. 

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