Now Available: Las Adelitas / Costa Rica

Ernesto Ruiz purchased Finca Las Adelitas along with two other plots to begin producing coffee over thirty years ago. The family has operated the farms together throughout this time and now the management duties are handled by his sons. Due to climate- related issues, primarily drought and disease, the family is seeing annual harvests less than half of what they produced in their peak years. Through improving farm practices and replacing older trees with Caturra seedlings, the hope is that they can return to peak volumes in a couple years. Additionally, they are aiming to add value to their production through improving processing standards and creating micro-lots, separated by variety and processing.

Las Adelitas starts off with notes of smooth chocolate and almond notes that remind us of Toblerone bars before developing into the sweetness of a fresh strawberry milkshake. As the cup cools, the acidity opens up and begins to remind us of ripe grapes. This coffee is very well structured and balanced. It is the perfect coffee to share with a rich chocolatey pastry.

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