Mexico Cup of Excellence Box Set

We are extremely excited to share with you our Mexico Cup of Excellence box set. This is a very special pair of coffees from some of Mexico's finest producers.


The Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious competition for coffee producers. Thousands of samples are submitted and passed through multiple rounds of judging before an international jury of at least a dozen well-trained and vetted cuppers evaluate the final rounds. The international jury narrows the selections down to a final round of twenty for a live international auction. The level of scrutiny within this competition is unmatched as coffees within the top ten have been tasted at least 120 times before scores are released. Auctioning these winning lots generates substantially increased premiums paid for the coffees, with the bulk of that going directly to the producers. Placing in the final round of the COE can be a life-changing event for a coffee producer. This year is the first time Spyhouse has entered the international auction and were able to claim two of our favorite selections from the final round.


The first lot (No. 3) is assembled by a community of producers in Huatusco, Veracruz. Their washed-process typica variety lot reminds us of green apple, honey, and pinot gris.

Purchase Mexico COE #3 / Municipio Huatusco Here


The second lot (No. 18) in the set was produced by Celia Leticia Sosa Cortés on her farm Finca El Paredon in Huitzilan de Serdán, Puebla. It is a honey-processed garnica variety that reminds us of bergamot citrus, shortbread cookies, and rich malbec wines.

Purchase Mexico COE #18 / Celia Leticia Sosa Cortés Here