Mall Santa / Winter Blend

Mall Santa, our Winter Seasonal Blend, was designed to highlight the flavors of some of the most classic holiday treats. We crafted this offering to have an approachable foundation of rich chocolate and nut, but with the added sweetness of dark berries and spice to give it a touch more complexity. The Yo Tengo Fe / Nicaragua brings the bulk of the rich nut tones and spice. Additionally, our Las Nubes / El Salvador carries with it a rich chocolate presence as well as the red fruit notes, where the bulk of the sweetness lies. The coffees work together to produce a complimentary balance of richness and sweetness, fitting perfectly into the season.

This blend was crafted to be the type of coffee you bring with you to holiday parties to share with all your friends and family. It has the richness to be enjoyed by just about anyone, while having the complexity to pair well against all holiday treats. We see this as a “crowd pleaser” in the best sense of the term.

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