La Bendición / Nicaragua

We are very pleased to introduce the latest addition to our lineup: La Bendición / Nicaragua.

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This Maracaturra lot from La Bendición was produced by Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada amidst the Dipilto-Jalapa Mountains in the northern portion of Nueva Segovia. This specific lot was produced in a portion of the farm known as El Bosqué, or “the forest.” The farm employs forty people in the pre-harvest season and increases to one hundred during picking. The entire farm is nearly 440 acres; 183 of which are planted with six different varieties of coffee, with the remaining 256 dedicated to natural pine and broad-leaf forest. Luis is proud that his farm is able to support a diverse range of indigenous plants and wildlife.

The El Bosqué lot is planted exclusively with maracaturra on just over twenty-seven acres in the northwest portion of the farm. Coffee from this lot carries the annual characteristics of being very juicy with notes of ripe citrus, possessing fruity sweetness, and having medium body with a creamy mouthfeel. In the last Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence, Luis was a finalist with coffee from this farm. We are excited to bring this offering to our customers for the first time this year.

La Bendición starts off with bright citric tones of pineapple, lemongrass, and lime before developing a fruited baking spice tone that wavers between apple pie and peach cobbler. The finish holds onto that butteriness and picks up notes of vanilla that reminds us of a well-refined Chardonnay. This coffee has nice elegant overtones while still having a very balanced foundation. It is the perfect coffee for these cold winter mornings.

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