Gichichi / Kenya

The Gichichi Coffee Factory is one of 19 small wet mills in the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society. The group was established in 1950 with only 250 farmers, but has since grown to include over 15,000 members. We have chosen to work with this group year after year, and found that they continually are able to produce some of our favorite offerings each year. With 19 wet mills in one village, it is unbelievable that they are able to produce such unique and distinctive cup profiles. The OFCS leadership had invested deeply into the ongoing success of the group through education for farmers and up the chain to factory managers. All dry milling is done at the Gatuyaini Factory, which we have carried multiple times in the past. The Gatuyaini factory also has a full roasting and cupping facility enabling the group to approve each lot delivered through the harvest season.

This peaberry lot from the Gichichi coffee factory sings with a highly refined balance between round berry sweetness and bright citric tartness, joined with a touch of herbal savoriness. We see flavors of buttery currant scones, soft sage, and complex grapefruit zest and tonic aromatics. This coffee is a great example of the hallmark flavors of the SL28 & SL34 varieties. It is the perfect coffee to once again see why we keep coming back to this one little town, year after year.

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