Faiber Bolaños / Colombia

Faiber Bolaños is one of the 52 coffee producers that make up the Association Los Naranjos. His farm, La Esperanza, is located in San Agustín — a region with high relative humidity, and high elevation, creating a savory sweetness and vibrant acidity in each cup. We tasted coffees from several of the producers in the association side-by-side, and Faiber’s coffee stood out among them all. Each offering he had on the tables that day were marked by the same distinguishing feature — a rich, almost stewed, stone fruit note — which caused us to first fall in love with this group’s coffee the year before. His coffees showed the markers of his community in a more dynamic and complex manner. He is a hard-working producer who has become a leader in the Los Naranjos community, and has helped to elevate and inspire other individuals in the Association. Kathie, our Director of Education, chose this coffee to represent us in the United States Barista Competition.

Faiber’s coffee immediately hits us with its distinguishing deep stone fruit flavors, supported by notes of almond, nougat, and chocolate. As the cup cools, the fruit flavors push to the forefront, increasing in depth, while adding a oral quality that reminds us of lychee and rosé. This coffee is beautifully syrupy and complex. It is the perfect coffee to sip alongside items featuring dark chocolate or candied ginger.

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