BREAKING NEWS! Spyhouse to Open for Take-Out

Spyhouse Northeast Cafe

We have been closed for over a month, but now we feel it is time to re-open for take-out orders so that we can serve all of our awesome customers again. It has been a strange trip these last two months, and we’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude for all who have shopped our online store and donated so generously to our virtual barista tip jar.

Our core staff has done an amazing job strategizing, communicating with our baristas, roasting and bagging coffee, and attending to all of the operational tasks that small businesses still have to complete, even while our cafes were closed. We were a tight team before, but going through this challenging situation has strengthened our relationships. It is incredible to be surrounded by such hard-working pros. We cannot wait for our baristas to come back and join us, solidifying our team as one unit here to serve you a slice of normalcy and moments of joy.

So, we will be re-opening our cafes this Wednesday (except for the Hotel Emery cafe) with the hours of 7am–5pm, every day, until Governor Walz lifts restrictions. Though we could have remained open for to-go orders this entire time, we just felt it wasn’t a prudent move until we could gather enough assurances that we could do that safely enough. Governor Walz has talked about how to actively engage businesses to find ways that they can creatively figure out how to operate throughout this economic hardship so that their businesses can survive. Through the practice of social distancing and frequently disinfecting our spaces, we agree that now it is time to do what we can to ensure that this small business that was started 20 years ago this summer, survives.

We will be donating net profits from this Wednesday's sales to our baristas to give them a little financial and morale boost. We will also be having a one-day special for customers that we will announce on Tuesday. Thank you all for being patient and voicing your support for us. We welcome you to stop by, but as we ask of our staff, if you are feeling unwell, please stay home. We will see you soon.

Below are some of the measures we are putting in place to ensure a safe and healthy environment in our cafes:

  • All dining rooms and restrooms will be closed
  • Only 3–5 customers allowed inside at one time, depending on the cafe
  • All dining rooms and restrooms will be closedWe are installing directional signage on the floor for customer traffic flow
  • We are having masks made locally by Sarah @wildwolfclothingco
  • We will have nitrile (non-latex) gloves available for use
  • We will have sanitizer available for staff and customers

We appreciate your support and we all look forward to seeing your faces on Wednesday!

Stay safe & healthy.