Agua Blanca / Colombia - Imperial Reserve

by Angela Vogt

June 26, 2017

Within the well-respected micro-region of Pedegral, there lies a small village, Agua Blanca. Cousins Walter and Juvenal Penna are the shining producers of this “jewel in the crown” that is Agua Blanca. In the highest elevations of this region, both producers operate their own farms and washing stations, maintaining the same standards as the other. Beyond their exceptional practices, one of the other secrets to their quality is the combined varietal makeup. Walter produces Typica and Yellow Bourbon while Juvenal exclusively grows Caturra—a combination rarely seen in Colombia. This specific micro-lot was separated at the peak of their harvest from other lots over a period of two weeks. With the historic reputation of these cousins as consistently the best producers in this long-respected micro-region, we are honored to be offering this coffee as our current Imperial Reserve.

Agua Blanca starts with an initial impression of sweet orange developing into a spiced nut note which reminds us of baklava and praline. As it cools, the sweetness develops into flavors of fresh strawberry preserves, with overtones of spearmint in the finish. This coffee is an annual favorite of ours that we look forward to each year. It is the perfect coffee for early mornings while sitting poolside, watching the thermometer climb.

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