Laila Ghambari comes to Spyhouse


You go through life meeting a million people, especially in the hospitality industry, and even more so after founding Spyhouse 15 years ago. You rarely meet someone that you immediately can connect with, both on a personal level, but also on a professional one. When you do meet that person, it is a connection that will hopefully be lifelong. I felt this during Laila's visit to Spyhouse.

Meet Laila Ghambari, @lay_luh, Director of Coffee at Cherry Street Coffee in Seattle, who spent the last week in May with us. Her confident stature, bar prowess, and an operational understanding of precision and clarity were what inspired me to reach out to her. She is not only one to look up to in the coffee industry, but one to look up to in any industry. She is not only one to look up to as one of the leading women in coffee, but one of the leading persons in coffee.

Laila is a testament to a strong work ethic while performing professionally with devotion, passion, and unwavering attention to detail.

Thank you, Laila, for all your inspiration and insight. See you soon!

- Christian, Founder/Owner Spyhouse Coffee Roasters