Herminio Rivera - Honduras

Herminio Rivera is our first returning single-producer coffee. It is an honor to bring his coffee back this year after seeing all the improvements made throughout the chain from his farm to the export docks. These improvements, the likes of which being better farming practices and a dedicated micro lot processing line, come together to make this a spectacular offering. Tony traveled to Herminio's cooperative, Las Capucas, in Honduras last winter to take part in an international judging panel for the group. Of over 70 single-producer lots, he was the only producer to place 2 lots in the top ten. We tasted the two lots together and were blown away at the complexity. We knew immediately that we had to bring this coffee back and commit to a future with Herminio.
Herminio Rivera has front-end sweet floral aromatics with touches of red berries and white grapes, developing into a vanilla oaky finish similar to a Californian Chardonnay. This coffee is soft and delicate with substantial body. It is the perfect coffee for misty lakeshore mornings.