Ohh...Fudge! Holiday Blend

Happy Holidays to all! It is the season of giving, and quite honestly, who wouldn't want to be the recipient of a bag of delicious coffee? Our holiday blend, Oh...Fudge!, is equal parts comfort and whimsy. Like a warm blanket knitted for you by your "fun" aunt.

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Ohh...Fudge! was designed to highlight the nostalgic flavors of winter holiday traditions. We crafted this offering to create an approachable yet delicately complex chocolatey cup. San Isidro / Guatemala provides a dark berries and subtle mulling spice tones over a foundation of chocolate morsels. Kunjin / PNG brings a bright citrus and sweet savoriness over a base of milk chocolate, similar to hot cocoa.

This blend was created to fit into your holiday traditions, pairing well with a wide variety of season desserts. It also holds a strong enough foundation to match many breakfast foods. We see this a a drink-throughout-the-day kind of coffee. 

We feel that this is a "crowd pleaser" in the best sense of the term. If you are looking for a gift for that coffee lover in your life or want to bring something more unique to a holiday party we suggest you consider Oh...Fudge! This coffee lands in that beautiful sweet spot that will go over well with just about anyone.

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