Adado Shara / Ethiopia - Imperial Reserve


Adado Shara comes from the Adado washing station, named for the local tribe in the village of Shara. The village is located in the district of Guanga, a portion of Yirgacheffe’s Gedeo zone. The area supports seven thousand farmers through a network of eight mills. The vast immensity of naturally occurring heirloom varietals creates an incredibly complex cup. It is estimated that the Ethiopian Highlands have somewhere between six thousand and ten thousand varietals that exist naturally. This is coffee’s genesis point, possessing coffee’s complete genetic diversity.

Coffees from Adado are marked by intense stone fruit notes supported with citrus and high floral tones. Another standout feature from this washing station is their ability to produce cherry-dried (natural) coffees that transparently represent the characteristics of their washed counterpart.

Adado Shara has aromas of wild blueberry with a juicy raspberry and peach sorbet sweetness. The vibrant fruit tones are supported by notes of ripe banana and wild yeast that leave a finish reminiscent of a Belgian wheat ale. This coffee is full of juiciness and brightness that often gets lost in the heavy syrupiness of many cherry-dried coffees. It is the perfect coffee to sip before you head to the beach.

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