Don Amado - Honduras

José Amado Fernández is a historically exceptional producer. He placed first in the 2010 Honduran Cup of Excellence, and sixth in 2013. Don Amado, the farm’s namesake and José’s father, passed this farm down to his four sons. Each son inherited his own lot, but share a central facility for washing and processing. The brothers individually oversee their own parcel and process their coffee separately. José Amado Fernández’s parcel is 4.2 hectares and directly overlooks Lake Yojoa, the largest in Honduras. Our relationship with José began with us visiting his farm during the harvest of 2014. He had one of the cleanest and most organized farms we have ever seen. That attention to detail on a farm level carries throughout his production resulting in a beautiful cup. We have been able to commit to purchasing José’s second harvest each year and are proud to bring this back in for the second time. The peach notes and richness carries over from last year, but we are seeing significantly more complexity and improvement in the cup quality overall.

Don Amado initially tastes like spiced chocolate and dark nuts, but as it cools the sweetness moves more forward, creating a much more complex cup. The interaction between the spiced nut tones and light carameliness remind us of traditional pecan pie; finishing with a rich stonefruit note similar to peach infused sweet tea. This coffee is dense, complex, and fitting for the season. It is the perfect coffee for these cooler fall mornings.