Our flagship espresso, Orion, bears a name loaded in history. Orion is a constellation on the celestial equator. It is so bright and recognizable in the sky that humans have been marveling at it since the beginning of time.The belt of Orion is aligned with major, unexplained monoliths, such as the Great Pyramids and Teotihuacan. In Mayan culture, Orion was believed to be the beginning point of all creation, and built their metropolis in response to it. In Greek myths, Orion is a superhuman giant often represented with a bronze club and shield. Even some US history has references to Orion. The Hopi villages (in what is now Arizona) from 1120AD mimic major stars of Orion like a map. Hopi beloved Orion was origin of their creator, Massaw. Ubiquitous in myth, Orion is the foundation for cities and culture.

When we sat down in the Spring to start planning our coffee program, we knew we wanted a strong, foundational house espresso. We wanted something complex enough to be enjoyed alone, and also have enough depth to hold up to milk.

For its launching formation, Orion consists of a trio of complimenting components: 1/2 pulped natural Brasil, 1/3 La Esperanza Guatemala, and 1/6 cherry-dried Yirga Cheffe. The Brasil sets the classic peanut buttery chocolate foundation. To contrast that, we used a really well sorted natural Ethiopia to bring dark fruit notes and sweetness to the blend. It is only a sixth of the blend, but the characteristics really carry. To tie these two together, we used the Guatemala which softens up the chocolate notes and adds a little orange citric sparkle for more clarity.

This blend has been an amazing way to start our coffee program at Spyhouse. We are proud of it’s approachability and sweetness. Each part has a purpose, and when put together, the sum is greater than the parts. We love what it does by itself, but we find that its flavor really shines in a cappuccino. While the components of Orion will change with the seasons, the goal of a strong foundational espresso will always be in our stars.