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Busasa / Burundi

Plum / Burnt Sugar / All Spice

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This is the first of two offerings brought to us by our friends at Higa Coffee company. The team at Higa has shown us year after year, they know Burundi coffee better than anyone. Better yet, their founder has deep ties to Minnesota and is a frequent visitor when he’s not out sourcing coffee in Burundi or Rwanda.

Busasa is a small washing station in Ruvubu, Muyinga province in Burundi. Established in 2014, it now employs six full-time workers and around 150 temporary workers during peak season. The station has built 151 dry beds to process cherries from 1600 coffee families every season. Annually, the station receives 650 MT of cherries.

The Busasa washing station is a prime example of Higa’s dedication to equity in the supply chain. Busasa has created programs to support farmers to improve their coffee quality and quantity by distributing fertilizers and donating seedlings to farmers with old trees. This has earned producers a premium of 20% above the local market rate and almost 60% above the rate for casual labor for the washing station staff this season. The benefits of these programs are undeniable both in the lives of producers and in the cup.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Plum / Burnt Sugar / All Spice
Zuberi Matsitsi
Region: Muyinga Province
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

This coffee has a complex profile that stands out from other coffees from Burundi. It is roasted to caramelize the fruit tones and bring out a unique spice quality. We are proud to bring you this excellent coffee and look forward to continuing our partnership with Higa as they continue to make positive changes for producers in Burundi.