Jocsan Mendoza / Honduras – Reserve Series
Jocsan Mendoza / Honduras – Reserve Series

Jocsan Mendoza / Honduras – Reserve Series

Coconut / Pistachio / Cocoa

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Our third Honduras release of the season is a remarkable standout from our first two. Although Osmin Reyes and Sandra Trochez are top notch Honduran coffees, Jocsan Mendoza has achieved something truly unique and special with this coffee, making it a welcomed addition to our Reserve Series lineup.

Jocsan is in his mid 20s and is already producing some of the finest coffee available in Honduras. After the passing of his father, Jocsan took the reins of the farm and continued in his footsteps at the young age of nineteen. Since then, he has been improving the growing practices on the farm and exploring experimental processing techniques like the anaerobic honey process showcased in this coffee.

The coffee cherries were picked at peak ripeness and immediately put into sealed plastic barrels for 72 hours and allowed to ferment. The coffee cherries are then processed like a normal honey processed coffee. They are fed through a pulper, and the seeds are set out to dry, maintaining some of the mucilage from the cherry to impart just a little sweetness from the fruit it came from.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Coconut / Pistachio / Cocoa
Jocsan Mendoza
Region: Santa Ana, La Paz
Variety: Red + Yellow Catuai
Process: Honey Anaerobic

Coffee Bio

Experimental processes like this one can be risky and difficult to control. However, Jocsan’s attention to detail and dedication to perfecting these processes have truly paid off in this coffee. The anaerobic honey process brings out a winey character with subtle tropical fruit notes, a slight nuttiness, and a touch of chocolate. We are lucky to be able to share this unique and fantastic coffee with you!