Star of the North

Star of the North

Orange / Sweet Tea / Rye

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The North Star, Polaris, has appeared as a symbol and beacon in many cultures across the northern hemisphere, including Minnesota, “The North Star State.” An unmoving celestial compass, Polaris has aided and inspired us for centuries (and centuries to come). Stalwart and true, it keeps watch over the Northern skies.

Introducing Spyhouse’s newest blend offering: Star of the North. This light roast blend is a vibrant addition to our lineup, joining the family with a gentle and comforting presence—one to ease you into your day and guide you in the right direction. The idea behind Star of the North is to create a centerpiece for all Spyhouse offerings, serving as our focal point, or “polestar,” to tie everything together. With this blend, we aim to highlight familiar profiles and flavors from some of our favorite origins (the kind we get nerdy about) while retaining the Spyhouse identity present in our other blends. Bridging the gap between our selection of blends and single origin offerings has been a long time coming, and having our very own Polaris will certainly do the trick.

This coffee boasts a smooth, soft, and balanced texture with an elegant brightness despite its light acidity. Featuring a crisp, citrusy aroma and a zingy first few sips, it then settles into distinct notes of orange, cranberry, and currant with milder tones of a butter croissant and rye bread. Enjoy!