Strange Brew Monday / July Lineup

In the coffee lab at Spyhouse, we are constantly testing and tasting, looking at new approaches in how to produce the best cup possible. As some of you may have noticed, this exploration has made its way into our cafes, with our weekly Strange Brew alternative methods.

Every Monday we're bringing you a fresh perspective on how coffee is prepared. Whether it's the history and elegance of the Chemex, or the tried and true richness of the French Press, we believe in delivering a diversity of methods and recipes to get the most out of each of our coffees. Strange is good.

Here's a look at our July Lineup:

07.03  -  Iced Pour-Over (Kalita)

07.10  -  French Press

07.17  -  Chemex

07.24  -  Aeropress

07.31  -  Iced Pour-Over (Kalita)