Pre-Sale: Luis Ortega / Gesha - Colombia

Luis Alejandro Ortega has a long history of producing Caturra and Castillo varieties in San Agustin. Our Green Buyer and Director of Education had the opportunity to visit his farm, La Cabaña, while sourcing coffees from the Los Naranjos producer group this past November. Luis graciously hosted a meeting of the association members along with Cafe Imports and Fairfield Trading. The three groups have worked together for over seven years, developing a strong and fruitful relationship. Following the meeting, Luis showed us his farm. Just beyond a small plot of pineapple, which were only beginning to show fruit, stood a portion of his farm that declared its uniqueness to us immediately. Compared to the neat rows of densely packed Caturra and Castillo, this parcel, with its wild, reaching branches, looked like a jungle forest. 

Gesha is packed with wildness. The original seeds were taken straight from the native coffee forests outside the village of Gesha, Ethiopia. Its limbs grow long and spindly. The cup characteristically possesses an equal wildness, with high floral aromatics and bright citric acidity. Luis processes his harvest in a traditional washed method, with one unique modification. He strains the honey from the pulp before adding it back to the parchment, creating a cleaner honey process before sending it to the raised beds.

This coffee jumped off the cupping table in San Agustin with all the vibrant notes of sweet florals and citrus that Geshas are known for. What really drew us to this coffee was how much the fuller body rounded out this selection, completing the cup.

* Our production of this offering is limited to forty 8-ounce jars. This offering will be produced, packaged, and shipped on Tuesday, March 14.

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