Arnulfo Leguizamo / Colombia - Imperial Reserve

We have an excellent new Imperial Reserve offering from the legendary Arnulfo Leguizamo.

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Arnulfo Leguizamo is the example of what a Colombian coffee farmer should aspire to be. Based on his reputation for consistently exceptional coffee, he has become one of the most recognized names amongst coffee producers throughout the world. In 2011, when he won the Colombian Cup of Excellence, with Primavera, his first farm. That year his coffee commanded the unprecidented price in the COE auction of $45 a pound. With that money he was able to take his family on vacation to see the ocean along with investing his winnings into his farms. He is a leader within his community, passing his experienced knowledge along to other memebers of the Association Los Naranjos, a 97 member farmer group which has established a strong reputation in it’s own right. Along with exhibiting the ability to produce outstanding cup quality year after year, Arnulfo has become a strong leader within his community, passing his experienced knowledge along to others. We are proud to be able to offer his coffee as our newest Imperial Reserve.

Arnulfo Leguizamo’s Finca Primavera leads with flavors of lemon, apricot and honey before developing sweet tones of blackberry cobbler and Dubble Bubble gum. There is an herbal tannin in the finish that pairs well with the blackberry sweetness and turns the lemon notes into an Arnold Palmer. The clarity, delicateness, and sweetness are a testament to the skill Arnulfo has developed in his years of experience. This is the perfect coffee to drink on the porch on these warmer summer days.

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