Juan Domingo Is Key Ingredient in Coffee Caramel Cream Cake

Juan Domingo Is Key Ingredient in Coffee Caramel Cream Cake

Spyhouse’s Juan Domingo Coffee is a finalist for a national Good Food Award, and also a featured ingredient in one of the cakes being created for the 10-year anniversary celebration in San Francisco on January 17th. The cakes will be displayed at the awards, and are being auctioned off online, with bids placed by local San Francisco residents who want a taste of greatness. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Good Food Foundation.

Sarah Cooper of The Midwife and the Baker in San Francisco selected Juan Domingo for her Coffee Caramel Cream Cake because she thinks the currants, whipped cream, and mimosa flavors pair well with the cream cheese and buttercream. According to the Good Food Foundation website, “Sarah is making our cake-for-breakfast dreams come true. With a whole wheat sponge soaked in 2020 Good Food Awards Finalist Spyhouse Coffee Roaster's Juan Domingo/Guatemala coffee with cream cheese coffee buttercream and cracked caramel shards for garnish, it's a surefire way to start your day on the right note.”

Spyhouse Coffee has won three Good Food Awards and we hope to win another on January 17th. We’re proud to be one of several Minnesota award-winning businesses over the years, earning our state the honor of hosting the Good Food Mercantile event in April of 2020.

Juan Domingo/Guatemala coffee will once again be available for purchase at Spyhouse cafés in January.

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