Introducing: Spirit Tea


At Spyhouse Coffee we apply care and consideration to every detail of our operation. From sourcing and roasting, to packaging and cafe design, we attempt to provide a product and an experience that both comforts and excites. In keeping with this ethos, it is with great pleasure that we announce a new phase of tea service. To help expand beyond our selection of Tea Source herbal options, we are excited to be adding a fresh set of offerings from our friends at Spirit Tea, beginning Monday, October 24th.

Spirit operates out of Chicago, IL, and offers an eclectic selection of handmade teas. A passionate team works tirelessly to ensure their offerings are seasonally sourced, sustainable, directly traded, and additive free. In fact, this is the core of their mission and philosophy. Spirit is dedicated to naturally uncovering the beautiful flavors inherent in the tea plant. This aligns very closely with our mission to find exceptional coffees, and pull from them the depth and sweetness that comes with skillfully grown, picked, and processed coffee cherries.

As is the case with our coffees, our tea lineup will rotate seasonally, while still maintaining a consistent selection of flavor profiles. This rotation will include a variety of exceptional white, green, black, and oolong teas, and will launch with the following selections:


Yame Kabusecha
A partially shade-grown and rested Japanese green tea, this offering has a lively character. A deep, rich cup, highlighted by notes of nori and sea air; with pleasantly broth-like umami tones. 

Daliensis Silver Needle
A rare white tea, native to Southern China. This selection features sweet notes of eucalyptus, sweetgrass, and vanilla frosting, with a creamy mouthfeel.

Golden Feather
A descendant of the oldest phoenix oolong varietal from south-central China. Here we see delicate floral qualities, and notes of gardenia, dandelion root and elderflower liqueur, with a smooth mineral mouthfeel.

A signature breakfast blend, inspired by teas of east China. Full-bodied, with prominent notes of sweet potato, pepper and cocoa, growing more rich with each sip.


We look forward to this opportunity to grow the conversation and elevate the service of tea in our cafes, and hope you'll join us.