Gatuyaini / Kenya

We are very excited to introduce a new coffee into our rotation this winter: Gatuyaini / Kenya

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The Gatuyaini coffee factory is a member of the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society Limited in Nyeri. The combined group of 19 mills has produced some of our favorite lots, and this mill has been the stand out one for us year after year. The group is comprised of 785 members, 591 men and 194 women. Together the group grows predominately SL28 & SL34 across nearly 70 acres. The Scott Laboratories varieties are the most sought after in Kenya, however we have found that a small percentage of the other two round out the cup profile, bringing more balance to the extreme nature of Kenyan coffees.

Gatuyaini's starts off with complex berry flavors ranging between red currents, wild raspberry, and strawberry bon bons. The flavors continue to develop notes of whipped honey and sweet, herbal white wine, similar to sauvignon blanc. This coffee carries all the complexity that Kenyan coffees are known for with a round, rich body and dense sweetness, making it more approachable than many. It is the perfect coffee to add a little brightness to these short winter days.

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