Beakers & Speakers: Broadway Coffee Lab

To provide a thoroughly rewarding service experience, “the little things” need to be Big Things. For us, details are the wheel that steer the ship, and permeate every decision, from roast profiles to wall hangings. When it comes to coffee preparation, we’ve recently made a big investment in the ongoing quest to perfect Quality Control. Say hello to the Lab…

Located in the belly of the building that houses our roastery and flagship cafe, the coffee lab will initially serve as a place for sensory study, staff development, and green storage. It is here that we will dive in into the tedium that ensures broad consistency across our cafes and wholesale partnerships. At any given time you can find us taking measurements, setting brew recipes, testing new equipment, and a whole lot more. This will be the main office for our team of mad scientists, but with fewer lab coats and more denim jackets. 

While things will be pretty Top Secret to begin with, there are plans in the works for eventually opening our space up to the public for classes on home brewing, and coffee tasting. With such an open, versatile space, the possibilities are already bouncing around in our heads, so stay tuned!