Aguilera Brothers - Costa Rica

The Aguilera Brothers manage six farms and their own micro-mill operation entirely within the family, with the exception of a few pickers during the harvest season. The 12 brothers and sisters inherited the farms from their parents and are now incorporating the third generation into the family business. Each of their farms is planted almost exclusively with Villa Sarchi, a mutation of Bourbon native to the region. This dwarf varietal is known for high production yields and often carries exceptionally floral cupping notes and elegant, tropical fruit acidities. Many Villa Sarchi coffees can be unbalanced in their intensity, but each coffee we have tasted from the Aguilera Brothers has been far more refined than any other from this region. Last year we were able to begin our relationship with the Aguilera Brothers when Tony – our green buyer – visited the farms to meet the family and bought a honey processed lot from Finca Angelina. This year we are honored to serve this washed selection from Finca Chayote, located 200 meters higher in elevation on their most picturesque property.

Finca Chayote starts off pear-like with soft herbal notes that develop into honeyed floral lemon tones very similar to an elderflower cordial. This coffee also has an intriguing mouthfeel that starts off very silky and syrupy but turns effervescent with a sweet, lingering finish. It is the perfect coffee for sipping while sitting on a dock, overlooking a calm lake.