Wilman Cordoba / Colombia

Wilman Cordoba / Colombia

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Fudge Sundae, Baked Plum, Spiced Rum


Wilman Antonio Cordoba


La Union, Palestina, Huila


Caturra and Castillo




1400 meters

Wilman Antonio Cordoba cares for fifty thousand trees on his ten hectare farm. His farm is located in the village of La Union, within the municipality of Palestina, part of the Huila region. While Huila has been known for many years as an exceptional coffee growing region, the Palestina area, located in the south of Huila, has recently gained more and more attention for producing exceptional coffees. Due to its many water sources, Palestina is known as Agua Azul or “Blue Water”, and provides most of the water for the Huila department. In our experience, farms near large bodies of water tend to develop deeper sweetness and body, likely due to the more stable temperatures created by the water. Wilman carefully washes his coffee over three days and uses raised beds in parabolic driers to slowly dry his coffee for ten to fifteen days. This slow and gentle approach allows his coffee to retain more of its unique characteristics and delicate flavor compounds as it transitions between phases of post-harvest processing.

Wilman Cordoba starts off with a spark of fresh orange and vanilla, developing into richer tones of hot fudge sauce and roasted nuts, with a subtle cherry that brings to mind a classic hot fudge sundae. Cooling the coffee produces additional spiciness and a richer fruit tone similar to baked plums, with a lingering, tingling clove-like finish. This coffee is great for these cooler days. It is the perfect coffee for sipping next to a roaring fire this winter.

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