Suke Quto / Ethiopia - Organic

Suke Quto / Ethiopia - Organic

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Grilled Pineapple, Nutmeg, Jasmine Tea


Tesfaye Bekele


Oromia Region, Guji Zone


Kurume and Welicho




1800 – 2200 meters

Suke Quto returns as our Good Food Award Winner for 2016. The farm was established in 2005, implementing environmentally friendly farming practices under the shade of a diverse, natural forest canopy. After a brush fire destroyed nearly all the forest surrounding the farm, locals began planting the land with corn and teff, an ancient grain. These crops tend to lead to heavy erosion and barren land in just a few years. In response, Tefaye, the farm owner, distributed coffee seedlings and shade trees to surrounding locals, replacing the damaged forest and expanding the out-farmer program to over 150 members.

Tefaye’s farm is very unique; most coffee coming out of Ethiopia is compiled regionally by a large group of farmers growing a few trees each. While these groups can produce great quality, consistency between members can be a challenge. By operating a larger farm on his own, with two selected heirloom varietals, Tefaye has much more control over his production, which shows in the beauty of this cup.

Suke Quto starts off with the sweet, sparkling acidity lemon candy and grilled pineapple with an undertone of fresh ground nutmeg. The body is light and tea-like with sweet floral aromatics. This coffee carries all the classic markers we love in washed Ethiopians. It is the perfect coffee to remember the beautiful magic of coffee’s birthplace.

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