Snowflake / Winter Blend

Snowflake / Winter Blend

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Snowflake is a blend of Mateo Gomez (Guatemala) and Chelbessa (Ethiopia) working together to create a vibrant and complex union.

Coffee Bio

Snowflake is a blend of our Mateo Gomez / Guatemala and Chelbessa / Ethiopia. These two coffees were selected for their harmonious interplay and complex expression of seasonal flavors. The vibrancy of the Chelbessa lifts the fruit notes of Mateo Gomez, while the richness of Mateo Gomez rounds out the transparency of Chelbessa. It is a pleasure to serve this lively coffee through these colder months. 

Snowflake, our 2019 winter blend, starts off with notes of bright red fruit, primarily wild raspberries, and underscored by notes of sweet cream. As the cup cools, it develops menthol and chocolate notes that together call to mind Andes Mints. This coffee is a great example of the power of blends in their ability to create a unique experience based on two very different coffees. It is the perfect coffee to share with your most loved ones—those that make you better together. 

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