Rukira / Kenya

Rukira / Kenya

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Rukira immediately calls to mind vanilla ice cream with chocolate and waffle cone notes. As the cup develops, we taste vibrant fruit flavors, reminiscent of fig jam and currants, with a juniper berry herbal tone that adds just the right kind of complexity. This coffee pairs so well with a wide range of seasonal flavors. It is the perfect coffee for bring to your next holiday party.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Fig / Juniper Berry / Sundae Cone
Producers:  Smallholder Farmers
Region: Othaya, Nyeri
Varieties: SL-28 & SL-34
Process: Washed
Elevation:  1830–1950 meters

Coffee Bio

The Rukira Coffee Factory is one of 19 washing stations within the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society Limited. Finding the perfect Kenyan lots to feature each year is one of our favorite challenges. Year after year we find ourselves returning to mills within this group. Having such a large network of mills and producers, it is amazing to see the consistent quality the groups can produce. It is even more remarkable that most have hallmark flavors that we recognize each year. We are excited to be releasing this lot from the 676 members of Rukira right as we enter the holiday season. Tasting this coffee a few weeks before its release, we knew it was the perfect coffee for this time of year and that has only been confirmed as we continued to work with it.

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