Rophi / Ethiopia - Imperial Reserve
Rophi / Ethiopia - Imperial Reserve
Rophi / Ethiopia - Imperial Reserve

Rophi / Ethiopia - Imperial Reserve

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Strawberry, Sage, Dark Ale


Smallholder Farmers


Michicha & Killinso, Sidamo






1850–2000 meters

Rophi is the first coffee we have chosen to bear our Imperial Reserve label; a selection of coffees that stand out in truly exceptional ways. We have the extreme honor of being able to work this coffee, separated out exclusively for us as an example of one of the greatest cherry-dried coffees produced in the world. It is extremely rare to find a coffee of this style that is so clean and clear, with no trace of fouled fermentation or excessive jamminess. Cherry-dried coffees are often the door openers to many peoples deep love of coffee. This one is so unique in its clarity and complexity, while maintaining the sweetness the style is known for. If you are looking for something different in your cup, you must try this coffee. We are also one of the first roasters in the US to receive fresh crop cherry-dried Ethiopians this year, so grab some while it's at it freshest.

Rophi’s crisp strawberry and herbal notes are deepened by chocolate and clear yeast tones, reminiscent of dark Belgian ales. This coffee is complex and engaging. It is the perfect coffee for changing what you think you know.